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+Dual bag
                      StoneQ, 2008
                      We have no doubt about the value of having meal together with family. 
                      Today, even though plenty of new high technology products are come out and 
                      people pursues living in quality life style, our mental quality might be not as 
                      high as today’s technology. It seems that people are losing the fundamental things
                      behind of high technology. 
                      Everything is so convenient and quick like our e-mail and instant message. 
                      However speech must be strong social and emotional communicate method. 
                      In between family relationships, traditional communication such as speaking, 
                      doing something with or touching could be needed. 
                      People might consider family as just something always being with. 
                      If nothing important keeps being repeated regularly, it will be something special afterall. 
                      The family and what families have meal together should be important. 


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